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WRGA Golf Handicap System

My Golf Network is Free golf handicap software endorsed by the World Recreational Golf Association and designed for individual golfers who wish to track their golf activities, get a recognized handicap, and share information with their golf buddies.

Along with scores entered directly, MGN houses golfer scores input through Handicomp's other Golf Network applications including:

Additionally, My Golf Network provides direct access to Handicomp's national (and international) course database, including many courses and tees that are not rated for Slope.

MGN - Vision

My Golf Network was originally developed for use within Handicomp's Golf League Network application, where courses are often unrated, golf rules are local, and scores shot outside of league play aren't counted.  All too often golfers have asked for a place where they could get a complete record of their golf activities.  It is from there that My Golf Network was born.

The initial roll out of MGN is to satisfy the demand for a complete score handicap.   As time passes, we will role out many fun and useful features; primarily an ability to apply the WRGA Handicap System formula against any set of scores as selected by the golfer.  As a result a golfer could see how they play with/against certain partners, in certain conditions (such as tournament play), on a selected course, or even on a given day of the week.

Our vision is simple.  Provide an acceptable system in which golfers are given control of their score record and golf activity.

WRGA Handicap System Standard Computation Method

The WRGA Handicap System is a formula applied to a set of scores that produces a Base Handicap.  The Base Handicap is portable and is translated to a Tee Handicap relative to course difficulty.  The formula is proprietary and is not published.  However, it is applied equally to all who use it.  By default, the WRGA Handicap System selects the best scores per the following chart:

Number of 9-hole scoresNumber of best scores used in Base Handicap calculation
 1 or 2
 3 or 4
 6 or 7
 8 or 9
 11 or 12
 13 or 14
 16 or 1710 
 18 or 1911 

The WRGA Handicap System is based on 9-hole scores.  So, if you use the system for 18-hole play, all 18-hole scores are reduced to two 9-hole scores, which are then applied to the chart.  In effect, 9-hole Base Handicaps are computed from the best twelve of the last twenty 9-hole scores, and 18-hole Base Handicaps are computed by multiplying the 9-hole Base Handicap by 2.

Note:  The WRGA Handicap System does not use any components of the USGA Handicap System including Slope and Course Rating.  The WRGA Handicap System is designed to be completely apart from the USGA's system so there would be no conflict or overlap between them.

Golf League Network Golfers

My Golf Network is a super set of your golf scores, meaning it contains all the scores entered from all of your leagues within the Golf League Network.  It is up to your league to decide if it wishes to use all of your MGN scores within league play or just scores shot within a particular league.  If your league chooses to use only scores shot in its league, you can enter other scores in MGN without them registering and counting against your league handicap.

Note - unless your league allows for it, you will not be able to modify or deleted any score entered through the Golf League Network for league play (as that could disturb league calculations and standings, and we don't want that).

Also, keep in mind that your league may elect to use a custom handicap within the GLN that is apart from a WRGA handicap.  In that case, just consider the My Golf Network WRGA Handicap System as a bonus!

Golf Handicap Network Golfers

My Golf Network is a super set of your golf scores, meaning it can contain scores played apart from the rules of golf or on a course that is unrated for Slope.  Should you be a member of a Golf Club within the Golf Handicap Network, you can post a score in MGN, flag it as a USGA score and have it included in your USGA score record.  If you don't flag it as USGA, then it will not be included in your USGA score record.

Golf Tournament Network Golfers

My Golf Network is a super set of your golf scores, meaning it can contain scores played  apart from Golf Tournament Network tournament(s) a golfer has played in where scores were posted.  The only caveat is that you will not be able to modify scores posted by GTN tournament administrators as that could disturb final tournament results, but you will be able to block them from affecting your WRGA Base Handicap.

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